BLOOMZ allows you to invite via phone numbers!!!!!

Do you have only the phone numbers of your members and not the emails? Bloomz allows you to invite members via phone number. 

You can send a Class/Group/Community invite:

  1. Select the name of the Class/Community/Group in the left navigation tray
  2. Click Members
  3. Click on Members +.
  4. Click on Add Members.
  5. Click the role in the For Which Role? screen
  6. Select one of the three invite options in How to Invite? screen

Option1: Type emails or phone numbers manually

  1. Click Type emails or phone numbers manually in the How to Invite? screen.
  2. Copy paste US phone numbers or type US phone numbers with commas in the To field
  3. Tap Send

What will the invitee see? 

The member will receive a text to his phone saying that you added him/her to the group. They will also receive a link to the site and the temporary password using which they can sign in. They will continue to receive the updates you make to your class as texts even if they did not sign in. They can choose to sign on the web or by downloading the app. 

Once they sign in with the phone number and the temporary password sent to the text, they will have access to the class and they can respond to the updates, messages and communicate with the teacher/admins on the app.