IF YOU ARE A NEW TEACHER, who just created the account, you will see the Welcome to Bloomz post.  You can add students to your class by clicking the Add Students & Parents link in the Welcome post. If you are ready with your student roster and parent information, you can add students and parents in one go. If not you can just add students and skip the option to add parents. You can add parents later. 

  • Click on Add Students & Parents
  • Enter or copy-paste the student names in Add Student Roster
  • Click Next
  • You will see the screen which gives you the options to add parents. 
    • If parent's email or phone number is available, click one of the three options
      • Enter parent emails/phone numbers manually
      • Use your phone's email app or Gmail
      • Manually link students to parent contacts
    • If the parent's email or phone number is not available, Click 
      • Class Access Code
  • You can choose to add parents by clicking one of the above options or you can click Skip 


If you are an existing teacher and dismissed the welcome to Bloomz post you can add students from the Members tab as well :


  • Click on your class name in the left menu
  • Click on the Manage icon
  • Click Students tab
  • Click +Student
  • Choose your preference to add students
  • Click Done

All the students you added will be seen in your class > Manage >  Students tab. Add parents to each student or just invite all parents and let them pick from the student list

Additional Resources: