Bloomz can add members to a class, which allows you to have faster communication with parents on the latest announcements, updates, and other important information. 

There are three ways to invite parents to the class:

Option A: Choose Add Members



Option B: Through the Settings wheel to the top right


Option C: Through the Manage tab to the bottom right

Now we will see what action is performed by selecting the options to invite the parent:

Option 1: Type emails or phone numbers manually

Note: If you have the emails of parents, this option is highly recommended. Once you invite all the parent emails to your class. Bloomz treats this as a Class distribution list and any communication posted on Bloomz will go as emails to all the parents even if they have not yet registered on the app.

  • Click Type emails or phone numbers manually
  • Input the email addresses or phone numbers separated by commas  in the To field
  • Click Send.


Note: An Email notification is sent to all the email addresses mentioned to join the Bloomz app.

Option 2: Use your phone's email app or Gmail

If you have your class parent emails grouped in your Gmail or default native email - outlook or 365. You can invite all of them at once to your class.

  • Choose the Use your phone's email app or default Gmail.
  • Select the Default Email App / Gmail.
  • Compose screen will be opened with a message about Bloomz invitation to join the class.
  • Please do not delete the BCC.
  • In the To field in the email compose screen choose the parents alias that you use and send the email.

Note: Once the email is sent, the parents will receive another email from Bloomz with the invitation code to join your class. Parents can use the invitation code to join your class on Bloomz.

Option 3: Class Access Code  

You can generate a Class Access Code which is common for all the parents. They can use the code to join the class. This is an option only when you do not have the email addresses of the class parents.


  • Click Access Codes on the How to Invite? screen
  • Select Enable Access Code
  • Class Access Code screen is seen as a six-digit alpha number code
  • Click the PDF icons in the Class Access Code screen to download the PDF file which has the code and the instructions for the parents to sign up using it.

What can the parents view? 

Parent invited via Phone number - The parent will receive a text to his phone saying that you added him/her to the class. They will also receive a link to the site and the temporary password using which they can Sign in. They will continue to receive the updates you make to your class as texts even if they did not Sign in. They can choose to Sign in on the web or by downloading the app. 

Once they sign in with the phone number and the temporary password sent to the text, they will have access to the class and they can respond to the updates, messages and communicate with the teacher/admins on the app. 

Parent invited via email (does not have Bloomz account) - 

The parent will receive an email with the invite code to his email saying that you invited him/her to the class. They can create an account with the invite code that is sent to them by clicking on the red button in the email or manually navigating to the app and typing in the invite code in Create Account screen. They will continue to receive the updates made to your class as emails even if they did not create an account. 

Parent invited via email ( already have a Bloomz account) - 

The parent will receive an email that you invited him/her to the class. They will see the invite in the MY CONTACTS tab of the app. When they click Accept in the invite they will start seeing the class in their app.