About Invitations to a Community 
How to Invite Members to Your Community

About Invitations to a Community 

You can grow your community by adding more members to your community and by creating classes in your community. 

  • If you are not a Bloomz user you will be sent an invitation code to join the school community by the admin of the community. You can join your school community on Bloomz by using the invitation code that is sent to you in your email.
  • If you are a Bloomz user and you wish to join your school community, you need to wait for an invitation from the community administrator to join. Once you accept the invitation, you will be part of your school community. 
  • You can join a community as a Teacher/ Parent/ School Admin/ PTA Admin/ PTA Member based on the invitation you received.

How to invite members to your community 

To invite members: Tap/Click on the name of the community in the left navigation tray (on your mobile, tap the Bloomz icon to make the navigation tray appear)

  1. Tap the Members tab on the bottom
  2. Tap/Click on Members + icon in the bottom right corner
  3. Tap/Click on Invite Members
  4. Select the role in the For Which Role? screen
  5. Select the way in which you want to invite in How to Invite? screen
  6. Invite members by typing emails manually or uploading a CSV file which contains the emails or by using a email alias in your native email client or gmail client.
  7. To learn more - https://bloomz.force.com/help/s/article/inviting-members-to-a-group