If a parent was registered or invited to Bloomz with an email address, parents can always add a phone number to their account. Follow the steps in this article and share with parents: How do I add or update a phone number to my account?

If you, as an administrator managing a Bloomz for Schools Premium account, would like to add the phone numbers to the contact so the parents can receive robocalls (if available on the subscription) or text message notifications, you can update this in bulk or add these manually at the community level.

Option 1: Update phone numbers in bulk

TIP: When adding phone numbers, make sure to have no spaces, hyphens, or dashes. Add a 1 before the phone number.

Option 2: Update phone numbers manually

  • Click the community on the left navigation menu. 
  • Click Manage icon (people icon) at the top of the screen. 
  • Select the Parents tab.
  • Click on the Parent's name who you wish to add a phone number.

  • Click the Contact Information taband then add the Phone Number.

  • Click Save at the top.

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