Administrators might want to download the parent and staff contacts from Bloomz to remove old contacts and add new contacts into Bloomz for a new semester or year. This is especially helpful if the school has used a bulk import file or access codes to originally add contacts into Bloomz. 

NOTE: This tool is available for Bloomz for Schools administrators on the desktop version (not available on the apps).

  • Click into the community and select the Manage icon. Select the Parents, Students or Staff tab.
  • Click on the Download as CSV.

TIP: Make sure, when adding phone numbers in the downloaded csv file, to not include spaces, dots, and/or dashes when adding the phone numbers in the downloaded csv file. Also, make sure to add a 1 before the area codes. These will cause an error message when re-uploading the updated file and the new phone numbers will not be added to Bloomz.

NOTE: You will receive an email notification when this process is complete.

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