Do you have a teacher or a parent who no longer belongs to your school? Do you need to stop them from accessing your community page and all other classes or groups they belong to within your school? Please perform these steps -


Removing Teachers/ Parents from the community 

  • Click school name in the left navigation
  • Click Manage icon
  • Click Parents or Staff
  • Click on the radio button right to the name of the staff
  • Bulk select all the members who need to be removed
  • Click Remove from Community icon at the bottom
  • Click Confirm 
  • Removing the members from the community will automatically remove them from all the classes and groups within your school community that they belong to. 

Deleting the accounts from the system permanently

To permanently delete the accounts of the teachers or parents who are no longer returning to the school, 

please write to with the title "Urgent - remove the parent from Bloomz permanently" and provide the emails/ phone numbers of the parents or teachers whose accounts need to be deleted from the system. 

This step is highly recommended because, when you remove them from the school, they will be removed from the community and all the classes and groups they were part of, however, they will still have access to the one - one message threads that they had with the teacher or other parents. Our support team will delete them and delete their accounts from Bloomz permanently!