You can associate parents & students in two ways. Once you finished adding students to your class:

Method 1: Letting parents pick student association & teachers approving them

  • Invite all parents via email/ access code
  • Parents when joining the class can pick from the list of the students added by you
  • They can also add a student if they do not find their child in the list you added while joining
  • You will need to approve each parent joining the class by picking the student
  • Approving a parent is basically approving the association of the parent and the student

Method 2: Teachers associating students with parents directly

  • In the class page, click on the Settings wheel¬†on the top right corner of the class page to open the menu
  • Click Edit Settings
  • Click Students sub-tab under Settings.
  • Click on the student you want to add or remove parents for.
  • If the student is already associated with parents, you will see blue checkmark¬†against the names of parents. To associate parents, select from the list of parents shown OR enter the emails of the parents and click Add on the bottom of the screen.
  • Once completed, click Update on the top-right to save the student-parent association.
  • Invites will be sent to the newly invited parent to join the class
  • When the parent joins the class with the invite code, he is automatically associated with the student and will have access to student timeline and will be sent periodic updates of students behaviour tracking and milestones