As a teacher, you can post student work to the parents of the student. Posting student work will add the post to the timeline of the student and will send a notification to the parent. The parent will see the student's work in their feed and they also have access to the Student Timeline which has the collection of all the projects, and assignments that the student worked on in the class. It only takes a few mins for you to learn how to post student work. Over the year you can see how the student has progressed by browsing through his/her timeline. During conferences, you can pull up the student timeline and discuss it with their parents. 

To post Student Work: 

  • Click on the Feed tab on your class page 
  • Click the + button on the bottom right 
  • Click Portfolio Item 
  • Select the student you want to add a portfolio item to
  • Add a title and/or description
  • Choose any of the options in the bottom row to upload student work
  • Click Post

PS: The post will show up in your Home. Parents will get an email notification/push notification and they will see it in their feed. The post gets added to the student's timeline.

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