Bloomz now enables the Assignments and Activities feature. Bloomz allows teachers to create activities using interactive templates, assign activities to students, and share and browse school and community libraries. This article contains helpful guides, hints, and resources to start creating assignments for your students and sharing activities with the community library.


Community Library

Bloomz' Media Library contains the Community Library, where teachers can browse activities created by other Bloomz users and add these activities to their own libraries to edit and assign.

Creating Activities:

Teachers can create activities for students to add video, audio, pictures, annotate or draw, or complete interactive lessons.

Organizing My Library:

After creating a new collection, the activity created will be stored in the collection. All the activities created will be stored like a folder structure. These can be organized by unit, learning objective, subject, or week.

Sharing with Community:

Once activities are created, these can be shared with the Community library.

Assigning Activities to Students or Parents:

Activities can be assigned to an entire class, a specific group of students, or an individual student to complete. This assignment link can also be shared on the class feed or calendar to make sure everyone stays up-to-date.

Parent or Students Complete Assignments:

Once assigned, parents or students can access and complete the activities.

Approving & Reviewing Submissions:

Once submitted, teachers can approve and provide feedback to students and parents on the activities.

Manage assignments as a Teacher:

Teachers can manage the assignments by archiving or deleting them once completed.