If you are having any issues with your iOS Bloomz app (examples: messages not loading, not seeing new updates, etc), make sure to first completely delete the app from your phone and re-install the Bloomz app again or check for any new updates that might be available in the App Store.

Still running into issues? You can capture the log files on your Bloomz app and share these with our support team to investigate this further. Follow the steps below to save these files and email them to support@bloomz.com

  • Open the Bloomz app on your iOS device. Click Sign In.

  • From Bloomz app sign-in screen, look for the build number as shown below. Tap 3 times on this number.

  • You can also find this build number by clicking into your profile picture when logged into Bloomz and select Account Settings:

  • When you tap 3 times, a message will appear that confirms the logs are stored locally in the iPhone Files.

  • Now, please open “Files” app on your iPhone. Note: To find this search bar, from your home screen, you can use your finger to "pull" down this search bar from the top of your device. 

  • Type Files into the search bar. Click the Files to launch, or open this.

  • Click the On My iPhone for locations. Note: It will list log files for up to the last 5 days. 

  • Tap on the Bloomz folder to open this.

  • Tap Logs folder to open.

  • Either Click 3 dots on the top-right of the screen to select the log file(s) OR long-press (hold down) the recent file & click on Share to email the file(s) to support@bloomz.com.

  • When sending the log file(s) to support, it is also helpful to share what version of iOS your device is using, as well as any additional details or information you can provide.