How to remove a school/class that you are no longer part of


I want to keep my Bloomz account, but want to remove myself from my school/class community-

My child is no longer going to this school, however, I have another child whose school/ teacher uses Bloomz. I need to keep my Bloomz account, but delete the school/class I am not longer part of. Please follow these steps

  • Sign In to Bloomz with your email/ phone number and Password (Click forgot password if you do not remember the password)
  • Click on the three horizontal lines on the top left of the app (This step is for Mobile app users)
  • Click on the school name under Filter by Communities 
  • Click on the Settings icon on the top 
  • Click Confirm to Delete

PS: When you leave the school community, you are automatically removed from all the classes and groups you are part of in that school community. You can follow the same steps to remove yourself from a class but you will need to click on the class name under Filter by Classes. 

I want to delete my Bloomz account from the district/school/class I am no longer part of-

I have no need to access my Bloomz account and I am no longer part of my district/school/class. Here are the steps for you to delete your account, please note that these steps can be performed in the desktop only - Delete Bloomz account