Bloomz allows the parents to sign up using a phone number.

In order for a parent to sign up with a phone number, the parent needs either a text message from the teacher inviting the parent to the Bloomz class/community, or an access code from the teacher.

Text Message Invitation:

If a teacher has added and invited parents with phone numbers, the parent will receive a text message to confirm and validate the Bloomz account. See resources below for more information.

Access Code:
If the teacher shares an access code with the parent, the parent can sign up with a phone number to receive one-way text message updates. The parent will text @[insert access code] to 1-858-BLOOMZ1 (1-858-6691).

TIP: Parents are encouraged to follow the instructions to validate the Bloomz account and download the app. This will allow more 2 way communication, ability to interact with posts and announcements, and the ability to sign up for events.


Additional Resources: