If you are not seeing notifications coming to your SMS text, robocall, or emails, you will want to first check your notification settings to make sure these are enabled in your account. Reference the article below for more information on how to locate the notification settings in your app:

I'm not getting notifications. How to troubleshoot?

If your notification settings are set correctly, follow these instructions to troubleshoot this: 

  • Click the three horizontal lines to expand the left navigation menu. Select the or Suppor yellow icon at the bottom of the navigation menu. 

  • Select Troubleshoot Notification.

  • This will automatically run through a series of tests, displaying a green check mark next to the settings that are working properly. At the end of the test, you should receive a sample test notification (as shown below).

If your device does not pass the test, you will need to send the log files to Bloomz support to investigate. This is a very quick process - follow these instructions: I am having issues on my iOS app. How can I capture the log files from the app to share with support?