In Bloomz, a teacher or administrator can request health checks for specified groups of staff or students. The recipients of these health checks can be specified by role (staff, student) or by class/group/subgroup or even by individual(s).

Make sure you are in the class or community you are requesting the health check. Follow the instructions on to request health check. Take note of the options you have when selecting recipients.

  • On Step 2, you can specify which group, role, or individual(s) you wish to set up the health check. 
    • You can click on the circle next to the group/class or individual(s) you wish to select.
    • OR you can click the "Roles" (in blue) and specify that students, staff, administrators received this. 
      • Click on the blue "Roles" link located under the group you have checked.
      • Select those in that group you wish to send a health check request to. Remember, that parents are receiving a health check request to fill in for their child/ren.

TIP: Parents do not receive health checks- these notifications just are set for staff, administrators, and students.

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