We have added a new functionality to help school administrators better understand the health of the members in their community. In the current times, health reports will help catch hot-spots early and aid in making decisions to benefit the students and staff.

To view the trends in the reported health data, provide insights on positive cases reported and rate of people submitting health reports, as well as granularly look at data over specified dates, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the community in the left navigation panel. Make sure you are on the feed and click Reports.

  • Click the Health tab.

  • Click the People filter to select students, staff, or everyone, and/or the Date filter to select the specific period.

  • Below the filters, view this data in the graph to see the trend over time.

  • Click on the drop down arrow in Metricto adjust the data showing in the graph.
    • New Cases Reported
    • Total Cases Reported
    • % Total Cases Reported
    • Total Reporting
    • % Total Reporting in School

  • Click on the drop down arrow in Unit to further analyze data
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Yearly

  • Click the icon with 3 horizontal bars to view the list view. The Group Details and Individual Details can be expanded by clicking the drop down arrows and + icon.

  • Use the up/down arrows in the column headers to sort this data further:

TIP: Using the sort button in the column headers can help administrators quickly find the students reporting positive symptoms for the day.

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