Parents and students can now log on to their accounts and start completing the assignments provided by the teacher. Please follow the steps below:

  • There are two places to view and open assignments: The Notifications icon and the Assignments tab in the class.
    1. Click the Notifications icon (top right of screen) and you will find the assignment in your feed, as well as under the Submissions tab.

2. You can also view the Assignment from the class.

  • Navigate to your class from the left navigation panel.
  • On the Home feed page, click the Assignments tab.
  • Find the Assignment from the list.

  • Click +Add to add the submission.

  • Select the type of submission needed. If editing is required then click the Drawing option.            


STUDENT TIP: If you are not sure what type of submission is required, click the Drawing option, as this provides not only editing access, but option to use all of the tools.

  • View the Instructions and complete the assignment, using the tools provided.
  • Click the Submit button to the top-right corner of the template after completing the assignment.

  • After a few seconds, the message on the top of the screen prompts as “Assignment Submitted Successfully” 

NOTE: If you click the “Respond Again” button, then it takes to a new submission to complete. The teacher will still be able to view a copy of the first submission. You will notice that your submission changes to “Pending Approval”. This means that it has been sent to the teacher for review/grading.

Additional Resources: