A teacher can mark an assignment as complete, which moves the assignment out of the Assignment Feed into an archived folder. 

NOTE: Once marked Complete, the parent and student will not be able to view the assignment. This will only be viewed by the teacher and admins in the class.

  • Click your class on the left navigation menu. 
  • Click Assignments tab. 
  • Select the Assignment you wish to move to "Complete".

  • Click Options in the top right-hand corner.
  • Select Mark An Assignment As Complete.


  • A "Success!" message will appear to confirm this action.

  • To review Assignments that have been marked Complete, click on Complete in the Assignments tab.

INSTRUCTOR NOTE: Once an Assignment is moved to Complete, it will always be available to review, but cannot be reassigned back directly to students from this folder. Complete is a way to keep and organize assignments that are well past due.