STUDENT TIMELINES: The timeline of a student is a log of various streams of data that has been captured by the teacher or the student himself in the classroom - It contains Awards, Portfolio of Student Work and very soon the Photos will also be added in there.


Teachers can access the Timeline of a student in his/her class by: 

  • Click on the Portfolio tab in your class page
  • Click on the student
  • View posts, work, comments..etc. in the student's Portfolio tab
  • View awards, behavior points, milestones in the student's Behavior tab 


Parents can access the timeline of their children. They do not have access to the timelines of other students in the class. 

  • Click on the name of the child in the left menu under timelines label
  • Child's Timeline will open


Students can view their portfolio by clicking on the student name in the class list when they scan the Student Access QR Code.