Teachers can use the behavior management tracking in Bloomz to reinforce positive behavior with students. This article is a resource for teachers as they are getting started with using Behavior. This guide will help you learn about how to use behavior with your class, all of the different settings and notification preferences of behavior, and how to manage the points and reporting of behavior.


Getting Set-Up to Use Behavior in Bloomz

  • Enable Behavior in the Class.

In order to view the behavior in your class, make sure it is enabled in the settings. Here are the step-by-step directions: Enable behavior in your classroom settings.

TIP: If you are using Bloomz for Schools Premium, the school administrator might have this tool turned on or off in your classroom. If you are a school administrator and would like to enable this option in all the classrooms in bulk, follow these directions: As a school administrator, how can I update class settings and permissions in bulk?

  • Make sure your student roster is up-to-date.

You might already have added students to your roster, had parents add the students' names (if using an access code to join), or if you are using Bloomz for Schools Premium, the student's names might already be there.

If you need to add students to your class, here are more directions on how to do this: How do I add students to my roster to use the behavior management tool?

Using Behavior with a Class

  • Giving Awards to Students

Review this article to learn how to quickly and easily give awards to students: How to Give Awards to Students?

Bloomz Tips for Giving Behavior Awards:

Advanced Behavior Settings

1. Click the gear in the bottom left corner

2. Click the Interactions tab

  • Set a theme for behavior.

Set a theme for your classroom. You can choose between 4 different avatars and themes on behavior. This will also allow you to choose an avatar that shows student milestones: How to set the theme for the behavior management?

  • Edit, Delete, and Create New Award Types

In Bloomz, you can edit an award, delete existing awards, or create new awards for your classroom.

TIP: If you are using Bloomz for Schools Premium, the administrator could have set standard awards and flags for your classroom and may have turned off the ability to edit or add new awards. If you are a school administrator, you can learn more about the school-wide behavior controls here: School-wide Behavior Controls- Admins

  • Manage Display of Points and Sound of Awards

Teachers can manage the sounds of the awards, as well as manage how the points are displayed. Points can be displayed on the cards as:

  • a combined total or balance of positive and negative awards
  • displaying the positive and negative points separately 
  • not displaying points at all - just showing the avatars and names.

Learn more about displaying points: How do you show the positive and negative points total for each student?

  • Manage Parent Notifications

Teachers can manage:

  • what parents can view in behavior tracking (positive and/or negative points, or none)
  • which parents can view behavior tracking (all parents, or specific ones)
  • if parents are sent a daily notification of behavior

Learn more: Specify whether parents can view or are notified of behavior scores or not

NOTE: Bloomz does not send real-time emails or posts when behavior points are given throughout the day. Teachers can choose to send daily summaries to parents. Bloomz also shows parents when the student reaches a goal/earns a reward.

  • Managing and Using Flags

You can choose to use flags to monitor specific trends within your classroom. 

Learn more about flags in your classroom: Adding, Editing, and Deleting Flags in Behavior in a Classroom 

Additional Classroom Incentive Tools

  • Class Goals

Set class goals to motivate students to work together for a common point goal or incentive, such as a pizza party, movie day, extra recess, etc. 

Learn more in this article: Class Goals

  • Setting Student Goals for Behavior in a Classroom

 If you have chosen a theme which includes student milestones, you can set student point goals. This allows students be rewarded at certain milestones as they make positive choices. 

Learn more in this article: Setting Student Goals for Behavior in a Classroom

  • Class Teams

 Add students onto teams, display teams in a classroom, and give awards based on teams. 

Viewing Behavior Timelines & Reports in a Classroom

  • View & print behavior report of a student.

How to access Behavior Reports of my Class?

  • How to view the collection of goals attained by a student:

If you have set point goals for students to attain, then you can view how many times a student has attained that goal in the reports. Follow these directions: How to view the collection of flowers/ monsters the student earned?

TIP: The only theme in behavior that does not have milestones (or point goals for students) is the "Student Avatarz". See more here: Student avatars and no Milestones

Managing Points in a Classroom

  • Redeem Points

If you allow students to redeem points for incentives:  Behavior - Redeem Points in a Classroom

  • Manage when or if points reset in a class automatically.

Choose if you would like student points to reset automatically or not when the students reach a certain point threshold: Ability to reset or not reset points when students hit a milestone. NOTE: You can always reset points manually as well.

  • Purge Student Points

Want a clean slate and to delete all student points?: Ability to purge student point 


Are you a school administrator or a behavior coordinator at a school using Bloomz Premium for Schools? Start here: