Below are on-demand trainings for teachers using Bloomz and for district and school administrators to share with their staff. Whether you are brand-new to using Bloomz or if you want to brush up and deepen your knowledge on maximizing the use of Bloomz with your class, use these videos and resources to learn more about how you can strengthen the communication, coordination, and connection with your families.


Beginning with Bloomz: Teacher Basics


This 10-minute video will walk teachers through the basics of navigating and beginning to use the Bloomz app on your desktop or mobile device. This basic-level introduction to Bloomz reviews:

  • Activating or Creating a Bloomz Account
  • Navigating Bloomz on Desktop or Mobile Device
  • Setting Up Profile
  • Determining Class Settings
  • Managing Contacts & Roster

A Beginning with Bloomz: Teacher Basics Checklist is also available to download in order to print, click into the knowledge base for more information, and check when completed.

Beginning Parents on Bloomz:


A short 3-minute video will walk teachers through recommendations and tips as they are inviting and managing parent contacts on Bloomz. Additional resources are available to download and use with your community as parents get started:

  • Getting Parents Started on Bloomz Slide Deck to use for Back-to-School Nights
  • Parent & Student Tips for Using Bloomz
  • Introduction Letter Template for Parents
  • Parent Overview to Bloomz - on Desktop, iPhone, Android
  • Introduction Letter for Parents using Behavior Management
  • Media Agreement
  • Parent Code of Conduct

A Beginning with Bloomz: Beginning with Bloomz Checklist is also available to download in order to print, click into the knowledge base for more information, and check when completed.

Beginning Students on Bloomz:  


This training includes a video for getting students started on Bloomz with access codes, as well as getting students started using Clever. Bloomz offers three different modes of student account access, so be sure to watch and learn which method is most appropriate for your class. 

In addition, there is a Beginning with Bloomz: Getting Students Started Checklist available, a template letter to use with parents if students accounts need verified, slide decks to share with students while first getting logged in and started on Bloomz, and more.

Beginning with Posts/Announcements/Alerts/Messages: 


Teachers can learn how and when to use the different types of communication tools in Bloomz through this introductory video. An advanced "Beyond the Basics" video tutorial is available as well to share more insights and advanced tips in using these tools.

A Beginning with Posts, Announcements, Alerts, & Messages teacher checklist is also shared with additional links to the knowledge base.

Beginning with Events, Sign-Ups, and Conferences:Summary

This video training walks through both creating and managing the coordination tools in Bloomz in a class, whether it is an event, sign-up, or parent-teacher conference or office hours. Teachers will also experience the parent and/or student experience and FAQ's when signing up for times or viewing the calendar in Bloomz.

Beginning with Behavior:


The 13 minute video is a comprehensive look at using the Behavior Management tool in Bloomz, including:

  • Editing the awards and settings
  • Easy tips for using behavior in a class
  • Recommendations on using behavior as part of a school-wide (such as PBIS) plan
  • Parent and/or student experience of reviewing behavior timelines
  • Viewing student timelines and reports in a class

Beginning with Student Portfolios:


These on-demand resources and videos share how teachers can enable portfolios in their Bloomz classrooms in order to track and share student progress and timelines by capturing images, videos, documents, notes, and more. Three separate videos walk teachers through using student portfolios:

  • Using Portfolios in Middle & High School Mode
  • Using Portfolios in Elementary Mode
  • Parent Experience posting work to a student's portfolio

Beginning with Activities + Assignments:


This on-demand video training walks teachers through the entire process of creating an activity, assigning it to students, and posting feedback and approving submissions. This training includes information on:

  • Browsing + Adding from the Community Library
  • Organizing My Library
  • Creating a New Activity
  • Assignment an Activity to a Class or Students
  • Parent and Student Experience of Completing Assignments
  • Approving, Rejecting, + Posting Feedback on Student Submissions
  • Managing Assignments Feed