Once you created the Parent-Teacher Conference and invited all the parents in your class, the parents in your class are notified about the Conference in the following ways - 

Email Invitation to Parent-Teacher Conference 

  • Parents get an email that you have invited them to the Parent-Teacher Conference.
  • If the parent already has created an account on Bloomz, he/ she can click on the link in the email to Sign In and access the  Parent-Teacher Conference Sign Up sheet
  • If the parent has not created an account on Bloomz yet, he/ she can click on the link in the email to Sign up and then he can access the Parent-Teacher Conference Sign Up sheet.

Parent-Teacher Conference Update in the Home feed 

  • An update is seen in the Home feed about the Parent-Teacher Conference.
  • They can click on the post to see the sign-up sheet.

Invitation to Parent-Teacher Conference in the Notification Center (bell icon on the top right of the app)

  • An invitation to the Parent-Teacher Conference is seen in the Notification center (bell icon) on the top right corner of the app.
  • He can click on the invitation to see the sign-up sheet.

Easy access to the Parent-Teacher Conference sign up sheet

  • The parent can click on the Sign Ups tab under All groups to easily access the Conference sign up sheet.