Bloomz made Parent-Teacher Conference scheduling super easy for teachers!!!! Teachers are saving a ton of time by organizing PTC events in their classroom using Bloomz. Follow the steps 

How to launch the Parent-Teacher Conference Scheduler?

  1. Go to the Class page by clicking on the class name in the left menu
  2. If on mobile APP - Click on the + icon at the bottom right of the class page
  3. If on WEB - Click on + Create button in the top left corner of the class page
  4. Click on Conference option in the drop down menu.



What do I need to fill in the Parent-Teacher Conference form? 

  1. The title is pre-filled for you  (If you need to you can edit the Title)
  2. Input the Location
  3. Pick which class Calendar you would like to add the conference to
  4. Click Add Date and select a date
  5. Click Add Another Date and choose the next date you have the conference on. Repeat this step for adding more dates. (If your conferences are on multiple dates) 
  6. Input Start Time and End Time of the conference (The start time is the earliest start time across all the dates and end time is the latest across all the dates.)
  7. Select the Break For Lunch/Class toggle button (If you have a break for lunch or a class during the conferences. This is optional.)
  8. Input the Break Starts and Break Ends times.
  9. Input Time Slot Duration in mins
  10. Input Break Between Slots in mins (If no break between slots, enter 0 mins)
  11. Input the max number of signups per slot
  12. Select Keep Signups Private toggle button (This will make signups only visible to you)
  13. Input Notes
  14. Click Reminder Me to set a reminder for yourself 
  15. Tap Next

What does Bloomz do with the inputs you submitted in the form? 

  1. All the slots for the dates chosen and the inputs given are seen in the Time Slots screen
  2. Tap delete icon across a time slot if you choose to delete that slot. (garbage can)
  3. Tap Add Another Opening to add a new slot to the list of the slots.
  4. Click Next.

Whom do you want to send this Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up sheet to?

  1. The list of all the members in the classroom can be seen in this page
  2. Select the members to whom you want to open the slots first [Or] Select All members of the class.
  3. To open slots for parents only, click on the Parents tab and select All Parents of the class
  4. Click Done.
  5. "The Message to Parents" screen is seen with the recipients in the "To:" field. 
  6. Edit the message that is sent to the parents in the email.
  7. Click Send.

How do I know that the Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up sheet is sent to the Invitees?

  1. Successfully created message is seen and the details of the conference are seen.
  2. The PTC event can be seen in the class calendar and also in My Calendar. 
  3. The conference can be seen in the tabs: Email Invitation, Post in Home feed, Invitation in the Calendar feed. (only to whom the teacher allows to view)

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