Do you need to assign the slots to parents? Teacher has an option to assign parents to time slots. Follow these steps to below. 

  1. Tap on the Sign ups icon in the bottom menu of the Home screen
  2. Click on the Parent Teacher Conference event that you created in the Calendar feed
  3. Scroll up to see the Time Slots in the Event details screen
  4. Click Options against the time slot to which you want to assign a parent
  5. From the dialog, choose Sign up Parent option
  6. Click on the Sign Up (Pick Person) text box
  7. Select the parent whom you want to assign the time slot, from the list of class parents.
  8. Click on Alert Them field to select a reminder for the parent.
  9. Type a message in the Personal Note for Parent field
  10. Click Sign Up
  11. The pop-up disappears and the Conference details screen is refreshed.
  12. Email notification is sent to the parent regarding the Time Slot they have been assigned.