Bloomz allows the teacher to schedule a conference meeting i.e. Parent-Teacher Conference with the parent. As a parent, if you want to signup the meeting, please follow the steps below.

  • Click the Signups Icon on the top menu of the app.
  • All the events are shown, select the event which needs to be attended
  • Click the Parent-teacher conference event
  • Scroll to view the Time Slots in the Conference details screen
  • Click Sign Up across the Time Slot that you want to sign up for
  • A pop-up appears then, click Remind Me and select a time you want to be reminded, before the slot you are signing up for
  • Enter a message in the Personal Note to the teacher text box
  • Click Sign Up 
  • The pop up disappears and the Conference details are seen with your name against the slot you signed up for.

Note: In Home Feed, the teacher can view regarding your sign up on the updates screen.

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