To create a Parent account in Bloomz, to will need one of the following codes - 

  • Invitation Code (numeric code tied to an email): When your teacher or your school admin invites you to join your class on Bloomz, you will receive an invitation code in the email. To create an account using that invitation code, follow these steps:

  • Access Code (Alphanumeric code, generic code for the entire class): Your teacher will send you a PDF with steps to join Bloomz and code in it. 

  • Family Code (Starts with P and can be used by any members of your family): Your teacher will send you a PDF with steps to Join Bloomz and family code which is tied to your child. 



Step 1. Find Bloomz app on App Store/Play Store

  • Go to App Store/ Play Store on your phone
  • Search for Bloomz app
  • Download the app  (It's Free!)

Step 2. Create a Parent Account

  • Click Create Account 
  • Click Join a Class/Group
  • Copy-paste the invitation code/ access code/ family code you got in Enter Code field
  • Click Next
  • The Sign-Up form is shown 
    • If you are using an invitation code on click on Join in the invitation email you received, you will see the signup form with your email prefilled (Note: this email cannot be changed at this step, but you can change it once you sign up)
    • If you use access code or family code you can enter any email of yours in the Signup form
  • Enter your First Name, Last Name, and a Password 
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions by checking the box
  • Click Sign Up

Step 3. Accept Class Invite

  • You will see the Class Invite from your teacher
  • Select the Child from the list
  • If the child is not listed, 
    • Click Not Listed? Add your child and enter the Name of the Child 
    • Click Add Another (To enter the second child's name if he/ she is attending the same class) 
  • Click Join Class
  • In My Profile screen Upload your profile picture
  • You can choose to invite your spouse at this point by clicking Invite Spouse, If not you can do it once you sign up, from your account settings.
  • Click Done

Note: Your account is created and you will see the class you joined in your left navigation tray. From now on onwards you will receive the updates your teacher posts to this class.


PS: Not having full access to the class yet, says unverified and needs verification from the teacher, Learn why?

Additional Resources

Parent Getting Started Slide Deck: Powerpoint walking through getting started on Bloomz.