Already have an account in Bloomz and you want to join a new class for the new school year?  


Once you are signed into the app with your existing Bloomz credentials,  to add the new class you need one of the following - 

Class Access Code ( Alphanumeric code)
To join with this code 
  • Click Class/Group in the left menu, 
  • Click Join a class 
  • Enter the code (alphanumeric code)
  • Click Next
  • Finish the steps to join the class

    PS: if you have a numeric code, it is an invitation code tied to an email and it will not work with the current login

Ask your teacher to invite your email or phone number whatever you are signed in with to her class
If she invites your email (your Bloomz login email) as a parent role to her class, you will see her invite in the Notification center (bell icon) on the top right corner of your Bloomz app. Accepting the invite will make you part of the second class.