This training includes a video for getting students started on Bloomz with access codes, as well as getting students started using Clever. Bloomz offers three different modes of student account access, so be sure to watch and learn which method is most appropriate for your class. 

REVIEW: Beginning with Bloomz - Do my students need their own Bloomz accounts?

On Demand Training

In addition, there is a Beginning with Bloomz: Getting Students Started Checklist available, a template letter to use with parents if students accounts need verified, slide decks to share with students while first getting logged in and started on Bloomz, and more.

  • WATCH (if using access codes): Beginning Students on Bloomz video training.

  • WATCH (if using Clever): Beginning Students on Bloomz with Clever video training.

NOTE: If you are using Google Classroom or importing students through the bulk import csv file for Bloomz for Schools Premium users, the process is very similar as Clever for getting students started. Students will not need access codes if they are added through Clever, Google Classroom, or bulk import.