Member Management Controls give Administrators and Teachers the ability to edit and set functions for accounts in order to effectively connect and communicate with Staff, Parents and Student details in Bloomz.   

Accessing Member Management:

To access Member Accounts- click on your District, School or Classroom level you want to manage members from.  Select the Manage access icon and you will see the Parents, Students, Staff & Subgroup tabs available to you.  

Accounts are accessible and you can see details such as member names and associations, account added date, last login date & role.

Member Management Control Tools:

  • Member Account Details
  • Member Notifications
  • Member Filters
  • Member Connect Options
  • Member Add to another Class/Group
  • Member Merging
  • Member Roles
  • Member Reinvite 
  • Member CSV Download

Member Management- Account Details

Membership details can be edited to reflect changes in Staff, Parent and Student information. Simply click under the account name to open a new pop out window to the right to see the editable information.

You can edit these member details:

  • First & Last Name
  • Preferred Name
  • Language Preference
  • Phone Numbers & Email

Member Management- Member Connect Options

Select and support members of Bloomz with additional member connection options in order to support the member engagement.

  • View Profile
  • Private Message
  • Reset Password
  • Invite

You can also choose to add a Profile Picture for the Member Account.

Member Management- Notifications

Select and support members of Bloomz with Notifications choices for successful distribution of information from your community. Only available for Admininstrators to change and Teachers if given access to controls by Administration.

Learn more here:    Notification Settings

Member Filters

There are more member filters available in order to give you control to filter account information. These are accessible when you go into the Member Management area of Bloomz.   

  • Sorting Member by Name 
  • Sorting by Member Role and Invited Stage
  • Filter with various preferences

Learn more here:    Roles in Bloomz - Class, Room, School

                               Roles in Bloomz - Groups     

Member Management- Add Member to another Class/Group

Easily add members to another class or group with these Member Controls:

  1. Choose Member(s)
  2. Click on Add to another Class/Group icon as shown below
  3. Choose Community to add

You can also delete members from Classes/Groups with the click of a button, by chooosing member(s) and clicking on the delete icon in the Member Control tools.

Member Management- Merging

Duplicate accounts are not an issue with Member Merging, included in Bloomz.  Follow these steps to Merge duplicate accounts:

  1. Choose duplicate accounts
  2. Click on merging icon as shown
  3. Select primary account to merge with
  4. Select Merge

Merging accounts can take some time to complete- but within just a couple of hours.

Member Management- Roles

Bloomz offers many different roles to align with your expectation of use within the system.  Sometimes there is a need to change roles when members change roles, like a parent becoming a teacher or a teacher moving to an Office staff position. With these roles are different priviledges.  See more below.

In order to change roles follow these steps:

  1. Choose Member 
  2. Click Change Roles icon as shown
  3. Choose new role

Learn more here:    Roles in Bloomz - Class, Room, School

                               Roles in Bloomz - Groups   


Member Management- Reinvite

You may have members that have not accepted their invitation to Bloomz.  You can reinvite all members or just a few, with just a couple easy steps:

  1. Filter Members for Invited Stage
  2. Choose Members or All Members
  3. Click the Reinvite icon as shown below

Member Management- CSV Download

Download your Community CSV spreadsheet with one easy click of the button.  Click on the CSV icon as shown below.  This will give you a download of member information in spreadsheet form.  

If you need further support, please contact