Administrators often need to be notified when students are flagged for positive behavior (to be recognized) or for behavior that needs immediate intervention and support. Bloomz for Schools users can create flags to monitor specific behavior across students in the school.

  • Click into the community on the left navigation menu and click the Settings toolbar at the top of the screen.

  • Select Edit Settings on the pop-up menu.

  • Select the Behavior tab. Click Edit Flags Types.

  • To edit an existing flag, click the flag.

  • To delete a flag, click the trashcan icon.

  • Click +Add Flag to add an additional or new flag.

  • Type the name of the flag, select the color (theme) of flag.
    • Assign Settings: Choose to decide how and when a flag appears on the student's behavior profile.
      •  Auto: Flag will appear when the students reach a certain point threshold from their Interaction points.
      •  Manual: Flag will appear when a teacher or admin manually clicks and adds a flag to a student's profile..
    • Reset Settings: This will determine when the points will be "re-set" for students.

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