NOTE: Behavior reports are available with some Bloomz for Schools Premium subscriptions (not Teacher Premium). If you would like to inquire about whether behavior reports are available with your subscription or to ask our team about a Bloomz Premium for Schools subscription, email

Administrators will be able to view a Behavior Report by Location in Bloomz in order to view the locations that both positive and negative behavior is being tracked. This report can help administrators analyze the behavior occurring in certain locations in a school (classroom, online, hallway, bus, playground, etc).

NOTE: The reporting dashboard is only available to view on the desktop version of Bloomz.

  • Click the community on the left navigation panel. Make sure you are on the feed and select the Reports tab. 
  • Click Behavior tab to view the Behavior Reporting Dashboard.
  • Click Locations in the top right-hand corner.

  • Click on Filter by Groups.

  • Click Select All in the top left corner to view the entire community, or click the circle next to the classroom(s)/group(s) you would like to view. 
  • Click Done in the top right hand corner when complete.

  • Click on Filter by Locations. This will filter the locations where behavior was tracked.

  • Click Select All in the top left corner to view all of the awards given or click the circle next to the award you would like to view. 
  • Click Done in the top right hand corner when complete. 

  • Click on Filter by Date to sort by week, month, all time, or a custom date range.

You can view this data in two ways- Graph View and List View.

  • The Graph View is the default view. This graph will visualize the change over time.

  • You can click on the Metric and Unit on the graphs to edit this view.
    • Metric: Choose to display the graph based on either the Awards or Positivity .
      • Awards show the total number of awards students earned in the locations selected above.
      • Positivity is a percentage that shows the number of Good Job vs Needs Work awarded in the selected locations.
    • Unit: Choose to show the data on a daily, weekly, or monthly trend line.

  • Below the graph, click on groups and/or locations to compare data across the community.

Click on the three lines icon to to see data in the List View.

  • The detail to the Group(s) or Locations where behavior was tracked. Expand the list for more detail by clicking the down arrows and + icons.

  • Under Locations, click the up/down arrows to sort the columns. Click on a location to view more detail about the students, awards, and staff who tracked behavior at that location.

  • Click Staff, Students, or Awards to see more detail. Use the up/down arrows to sort the information.

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