As a teacher using behavior management with his or her students, a teacher can use flags to add an extra layer of tracking to monitor student conduct.

The flags do not add or remove any points from a student but allow for specific trends to be monitored based on a student's actions. Remember that if your school is using Bloomz Premium for Schools, flags may be standardized across the school and managed at a school level, rather than a classroom level.


Manage Flags in a Classroom

  • Click on your class in the left navigation menu. Click the Interactions tab in Updates.
  • Click Settings in the top right-hand corner.

  • Click Edit Award Types under the Points header.

  • Click the Flags tab.

Editing or Customizing an Existing Flag

  • Click on the flag you wish to edit.

  • Bloomz gives you the option to edit:
    • Name of flag
    • Color of flag
    • Whether the flag will be triggered automatically (by a certain point threshold) or manually (when a teacher manually adds it to a student)
    • Reset settings (when the flags will be reset on the student accounts).
  • Click Save.

Deleting a Flag

  • Click the flag you wish to delete.

  • Click Delete at the bottom of the screen.

  • Confirm this action by clicking Delete.

Creating a New Flag

  • Click + Create New.

  • Input information for new flag. Click Save.

TIP: If you get a message about not having permission to edit or delete a flag, this is likely because your school administrator has set up the school-wide settings this way. If you are a school administrator, see here for more information: School-wide Behavior Controls- Admins

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