With the Health Checks tool in Bloomz, admins can request staff, teachers, or parents to check the students' health. These requests can be set once at a specific time and in a recurring fashion if needed, to save time. This is available for Bloomz Premium for Schools users. 

More information about teachers requesting health checks can be found in this article: Teacher - Requesting members to fill a health check form

NOTE: Admins will need to make sure health check is enabled in the community settings before sending out a request. 

  1. Click on your community in the left navigation menu.
  2. Click on the +Create. Click Request Health Check.
  3. Set the schedule for the Health Check Request and Click Next
  4. Select the recipients (Who you want to get the form filled by) and Click Next. 
  5. Fill a message that shows to the recipient in the notification to fill the form and click Send.

NOTE: This form was prepared based on the CDC guidelines and can be customized if needed with a Bloomz Premium for Schools subscription.

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