How do I add students accounts to my class?

NOTE: Students will need email addresses to be able to have their own Bloomz accounts.

Table of Contents

Step 1: Add Students to Roster

  • It is recommended that teachers first make sure to add their students to the class roster before sharing access codes with students IF they are using the student specific access codes.
  • Click here to learn how to add students to the class roster.
  • You can now choose to add students using Student Specific Access Codes or a Class Common Access Code. See below to learn more about these options.

[Option] Student Specific Access Codes

  • With this method, students will be given unique access codes, and with using these, the student will already be associated with his or her parents.
  • Make sure you have added students to the roster first. 

INSTRUCTOR TIP: It is recommended that the student roster is added by the teacher or through bulk import or Clever integration [for School Premium subscribers] before parents are invited to the course. This will ensure that the parent is associated with the student in the class. If there is no student roster added, the parent will be asked to input the student's name when registering for Bloomz, which will create duplicate accounts. See article below.

[Option] Common Access Code

NOTE: With a class common access code, the teacher might need to associate the student with his or her parents/guardians. How to Associate Students and Parents?