If you are a Middle school/ High school student, you can now create an account using the student code given by your teacher by following these steps: 


  • Navigate to https://app.bloomz.net / Download the Bloomz app from the Appstore/ Playstore
  • Click on Enter Code
  • Enter the Code
  • Click Next 
  • Enter the Email/ Phone number
  • Select Age 
  • Enter Password 
  • Enter the email of the parent who can permit you to create an account (If the age is over 14 years old, then this step is not needed)
  • Select the Terms and Conditions checkbox
  • Click Submit 

PS: If you are less than 14 yrs, you will need to wait for your parent to permit you to create the account to move forward. They should have received an approval email to the email address you entered. Once they approve you can finish your account creation and will be able to see the Home page with the class in the left menu. 

Download the "Student Getting Started" slide deck to use with your classroom, whether you are using the Student Specific Access Codes or the Class Access Code.