Have ever faced a situation where the parent has signed up for the Parent-Teacher Conference but cannot attend the scheduled meeting due to various reasons? No worries! Bloomz provides an option to change the time slot that the you have scheduled. Follow these steps to remove your sign up for the time slot: 

  • Click the Signups Icon on the top of the app.
  • Click the Conference event in the My Signups tab.
  • Scroll up to see the Time Slot that you signed up for
  • Click Options on the Time Slot that you signed up for and a pop called Slot Options shows up
  • Click Remove Myself button in the pop-up
  • Attendee Removed successfully message will be seen

Note: After removing yourself from the time slot, it be available for sign up once again for everyone. The teacher will also receive a mail stating that the particular parent has cancelled the conference/office hours signup along with the time which the conference was canceled.