To remove a parent or teacher who is no longer working at the school, you must remove them at the school level. Removing them at the school level automatically removes them from all the classes, and if you don't do this and remove them at class level, they will still be inside the school, even though they are technically not part of any classes.

Removing a Parent/Teacher from the school involves two steps - 

  1. Remove from the school community page 
  2. Write to to permanently delete their account from Bloomz, so they can longer access any of the content. 

You can easily remove a member from your school community by just following these quick steps. 

  • Go to the Community or class or group from your left navigation tray
  • Click the Manage icon on the top
  • Click on the name of the person you wish to remove from the community
  • Click on the View Profile icon
  • Click Options in the top right corner
  • Click Remove from school
  • Click Confirm

PS: Once you are done removing the parent/ teacher please email to and provide the email or phone number of the parent/ teacher and send a request to remove their accounts permanently. This step is mandatory because, when you remove them from the school, they will be removed from the community and all the classes and groups they were part of, however, they will still have access to the one - one message threads that they had with the teacher or other parents. Our support team will delete them and delete their accounts from Bloomz permanently!