Bloomz allows the teacher to delete the posts which are posted by parents if they feel that the post is unnecessary. There are two options mentioned below. 

Please view the Moderation On/Off settings for posting to class.


When Staff Moderation Role is ON:

Here are the steps for deleting a post made by a parent:

  • Click the Notification center of the class/group
  • Click the Submissions tab 
  • Click Reject Comment button
  • Confirm Reject Post pop-up message will appear

Note: The Post/Comment Successfully Deleted, and Post/Comment Successfully Removed pop-up messages appear on the page/screen. It is not visible by any member of the class/group. 

When Staff Moderation Role is OFF:

Here are the steps for the teacher who has no moderation turned on for her class and wants to delete the posts made by a parent in the class. 

  • Click the post 
  • Click the chevron in the post made by the parent
  • Click the Flag as Inappropriate 
  • You will get the notification in the notification center 
  • In the submission tab, click Remove posts from Groups
  • In the options for Post pop-up message, choose Remove Post 

Note: Post Removed Successfully message pops up on the top of the page. Now, the post is no longer visible in the class/group.