Steps for onboarding a new Clever School onto Bloomz:

1. Prerequisite:

First, you should contact Bloomz and get your school set up and get admin access to your school community on Bloomz.

2. Prerequisite setup on the Clever side: - Important
Bloomz assumes that the Clever side data setup is done properly prior to engaging Bloomz on setting up the School account for a Clever school.

Here are the important setup requirements:

  1. Add Bloomz to the list of applications on the clever dashboard: Unless the application is added on the Clever dashboard, the integration will not work.  Use this link to view detailed instructions on how to set up a third-party application on the Clever dashboard.
  2. Setup the data sharing permissions for Bloomz application:  Once the Bloomz application has been set up, data sharing permissions have to be set up at each application level.  It mainly covers what all data can be accessed by Bloomz through the Clever API interface - data entities like schools, sections, teachers, students, etc.  Detailed instructions for this setup are available here.
  3. Clever role setup:  School level import is allowed only for users with admin roles on the Clever side.  Bloomz side setup alone will not be sufficient. The role of the user returned by Clever API calls should return 'district_admin' or ‘school_admin’.  Only when this role is set up properly on the Clever side, the school import is permitted. Information regarding the Clever roles is available here. You may have to contact the district admin of the Clever for getting these roles set up properly.

3. Data Verification Checklist - Important

i) Sections to import:

    1. To import only appropriate sections that facilitate effective communication on Bloomz, we recommend the following sharing rules:
      1. Elementary Schools: Only share permissions for Homerooms and Specialist sections. If your SIS creates sections for each subject level, then use the sharing rules by sections to only allow sections with homerooms. 
      2. Middle/Highschool sections: Typically you may want to create all sections in such schools but review again to eliminate redundant sections that will add classes but have the same members again and again.
    2. Every section with a unique name in Clever will create a separate classroom in Bloomz.
      1. Note: Clever allows the creation of multiple sections with the same section name, however, Bloomz only imports the first class with the same section names in such cases. 
        1. We suggest you create sections with unique names (like adding a grade or adding the name of the teacher to the section name while creating sections in Clever itself OR 
        2. Rename the imported classes in the Bloomz Community Manage section and then re-run import again. Repeat this process until all sections are imported into Bloomz.

ii) Student's Contacts to import:

    1. Please review the student's contacts to ensure the following:
      1. Ensure that your Clever has been synced with parent/guardian contacts from SIS. Some districts may have only configured their SIS to Clever import to roster only student records. In such cases, Bloomz integration with Clever may not help beyond simply rostering classes and students. At that time, you will need to share Family Codes to allow parents to self-sign up to Bloomz to be linked to the right students.
      2. Identify which contact types are important to import into Bloomz. Clever allows contacts to be categorized into different types (learn more here: and Bloomz allows you to select the contact types while importing. You can check this information in Clever first so that you are only inviting the relevant contacts into Bloomz.

iii) Give up to 30-mins to 1-hour before your changed Clever sharing rules to take effect:

    1. Changing sharing permissions on Clever may not take immediate effect on the Bloomz end of the Clever tool. So, please allow some time for data to be synced OR validate the changed permissions with before you import it into Bloomz. 

4. Importing a Clever School: (Please review the above prerequisites & checklist before importing)

  • Login to your Bloomz account (Can use ‘Sign In with Clever’ option also)

  • Select the School in the left menu

  • Click Classes icon in the top menu

  • Click Import from Clever button



  • This will take you to the below import screen


  • In the import screen, you will see that your school and the ‘Classes/Teachers/Students’ option is selected

  • Make sure you leave the second option ‘Parents/Contacts’ unselected as it is recommended to do the school onboarding in two steps.

  • You can edit the Class Options below if you want. By default, all 3 options are enabled. Please note that these options will be applied to all the imported classes.  

    • Behavior Management

    • Student Portfolios

    • Parent-Parent Communication

  • Click ‘Import

  • This will import all the classes of the selected school to your Bloomz school community along with teachers and students  (Based on the amount of data to be imported, this action may take several minutes and you will have to wait till the action is completed)

  • All the imported teachers will get invitation emails with the invitation code to register onto Bloomz

  • Using the invitation code, teachers need to join Bloomz to get access to their classes.

  • Once all the teachers join Bloomz, admin can perform the second step of importing the ‘Parents/Contacts following the same steps as above, but this time selecting the option ‘Parents/Contacts’ on the import screen. (Based on the amount of data to be imported, this action may take several minutes and you will have to wait till the action is completed)

    • Please select the types of contacts to import:

  • This time, all the parent contacts are imported as parents into Bloomz into their respective classes and the school itself. They will get the invitation emails with invitation codes. Using the invitation code or by clicking "Join", parents can join Bloomz and get access to their classes and the school community.

Additional Resources: