Bloomz now allows you to give individual student codes, using which, the students can create their account using their email/ phone number and entering a password.

Please follow these steps to enable the student codes when creating a class:

  • Create a class by selecting Class/Group in the left navigation tray
  • Select Create new class/group 
  • Select Class as group type 
  • Enter all the required information in the empty fields.
  • Select the "Individual Access" in the Give Student Access screen 
  • After successfully creating a class, open the class page from the left navigation tray
  • Click Student & Parents Class Access Codes at the top right of the class banner
  • Click For Students  
  • Click Generate Student Specific Codes
  • Click To generate more codes here (if existing class)
  • Enter student names 
  • Click Next
  • Choose whether you would like to send parents access codes or press Skip
  • Now, each student is provided a code
  • Print the codes and hand it to your students.

Note: If a school has rostered students in classes from bulk import or Clever integration and if a student is in more than one class, there is only a need for 1 student specific access code being used. Once the student uses the first code, they will automatically be in the additional classes.

*Please note that the Access Codes page has the student code for each student in the class,  which start with "S" and the respective parent code which starts with "P". The parents and the family of that student can join Bloomz using that code. If you do not have emails of the parents, please send these codes home so they can join using it. If you have emails/phone numbers we suggest you to invite them using them.