Bloomz provides you with a feature where you may invite many members with one click. 

  1. Click the Settings Gear in the School/Class you want to invite members to, and then click Edit Settings.
  2. Click the Bulk Import tab
  3. If importing at the school level, there are multiple places you can import data from such as Clever, SFTP, Google Classroom, ClassLink, and PowerSchool. However if you don't have teacher/student data from any of these sources, you can still use the Bulk CSV import (a .csv file, including excel), but you will need to follow the template given, which you can access by clicking on the Bulk CSV import and clicking on the Teacher/Staff Upload or Parent/Student Upload
  4. Download the Template by clicking the button
  5. You will be prompted with a popup to choose the settings on how you want to submit data. If you choose to provide class enrollment data, you will need to tell us which class each parent/student/teacher belongs to. You do this by providing the Class ID next to each entry. We cannot use just the class names to identify the class because you can create multiple classes with the same name. In this case, we do not know which one to use. When providing the Class IDs, you have three options:
    1. Provide your unique class ID – Use this option if you already have class IDs that you would like to use. For example, class IDs generated by your Student Information System (SIS). 
    2. Use classID generated by Bloomz – Use this option to automatically generate Class IDs for classes you previously created in Bloomz. Click on the generated by Bloomz link to get the list of Class IDs which you can use to enroll students to the class. If you are enrolling parents/students into a class not yet created on Bloomz, leave the class_id blank and we will create the new class for you.  Just make sure to include the class name. 
    3. Don’t provide class id at all – If you choose to not provide class enrollment data at all, parents will be added directly to the school instead of a class. Students cannot be added directly to the school at this time. If students is checked, you must provide class enrollment data.
  6. Click Download Bulk Import spreadsheet and then click Done on the top right.
  7. Prepare your spreadsheet to match the downloaded template. Open the template you just downloaded. These are the columns you need to include in your spreadsheet. It is important that the first row of the spreadsheet has these exact column header names. This way the System can determine how to process the data you uploaded.
  8. Save the spreadsheet as a .csv file (Comma Separate Value). If you are using Microsoft Excel, you can do this by clicking File, then Save As.  Look for the Format dropdown. Select Comma Separated Values (.csv) from the dropdown, then save the file.
  9. Go back to Bloomz and click Upload Spreadsheet (.csv)
  10. Select the .csv file that you want to import
  11. There are multiple options for how you want the file to be processed, select those based off your preferences
  12. After the file gets uploaded, we will let you know if we encounter any errors. You will need to fix these issues and re-upload file. If no errors, we will indicate that we’re processing the file and will email you once it is completed. You can navigate away from this page at this point.