Merging classes allows Administrators or teachers to combine multiple classes and manage one class.

Merging classrooms may not be necessary for all teachers, but when you have a year long class that has semester start and end dates, teachers may want to merge the classes for year long class oversight.  This way teachers don't have to manage and update two or more classroom in Bloomz with the same subject area.

Merging Classroom Directions-

  • Choose the School to work in
  • Go to the Manage area
  • Click on the Classes/ Groups tab
  • Select the classes to merge 
  • Click on the Merge icon
  • Review classes to merge and click Merge
  • Are you sure you want to merge?

Merging of classes will only merge the memberships.

Note: It will NOT merge existing posts, messages, behavior data and others.

Merging of classrooms may be best done at the start of the school year, or in an instance where there is a duplicate classroom added or there is a classroom that needs to be combined.