Bloomz offers the option to assign activities to an entire class, a unique group, or an individual in a class. 

  • Click the Media icon at the top of the page. On the Activities tab, click into My Library to navigate to your activities.

NOTE: If you would like to assign an activity from the Community or School & District library, go to the following article to learn how to add these activities to My Library: Browsing Activities from the Community Library

  • Click Assign on the activity you wish to assign.

  • You can also double click to open the Activity. Click Options in the top right-hand corner and select Assign.

  • Select the recipients or use the search bar to add student names you are assigning this activity. When finished, click Done.

  • Click Assign Now to assign this to the students, or select or create a folder (+ New Folder) to keep this organized for your students.
INSTRUCTOR TIP: Create folders to keep the assignments organized for students and parents. Organize the folders into subjects or weeks/months to make them easy to review and find.

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