Bloomz now enables the Assignments and Activities feature.

Creating activities will be the first step towards assigning academic content to students of all classes. With a wide range of activities listed, Bloomz can aid with not only assigning work but categorizing it into subdivisions for better organization and most importantly the understanding of the students.

Browsing Community Library:

  • Navigate to your class
  • Click the Library tab at the top
  • Click +Activities on the top right of the page.

Creating Activities:

  • In the Create Activity page, enter the details such as Name, Grade, Subject.
  • By default, Share with Bloomz Community toggle button is turned on. You could turn on for sharing with the community.
  • Also, the Camera option is enabled to post the assignment images.
  • Recording option is used to speak about any important message regarding the assignment.
  • The language option is used translation of the content.
  • Under Students Instructions text box, enter the information regarding the assignment to the students.
  • Click the Add Template for Student Responses button allows the students to respond to the homework, notes, etc.
  • The button navigates to a tool that enhances to add image, enter text, etc.
  • To add text, click on the T symbol to the right side of the page.
  • To record, click the mike symbol
  • To add image, click the camera symbol.
  • After adding the image, click the overflow menu which includes options such as :
    • Order -
    • Link - Provides URL to the image
    • Lock - doesn't allow to move the image
    • Duplicate - creates another same image on it 
    • Delete - removes the image from the tool
  • Below the camera symbol, there is a hamburger symbol which provides options such as 
    • Shape
    • Arrow
    • Background
    • Link
  • At the bottom middle of the page, there are various brushes used for painting, highlighting the text, etc.
  • Click Save at the top right corner.
  • Click the More Options chevron, which includes:
    • Teacher instructions - used to communicate with another teacher where the content is not visible to the students. 
    • Parent instructions - used for communicating about the assignment with parents.
  • Click Create at the top right corner of the page.
  • In Add to Collection page, click +New Collection
  • In New Collection page, enter the Collection Name and change the Color if needed.
  • Click Create
  • Click Done

Note: Activity Created Successfully! a pop-up message appears on the page. Now, In My Library which is at the top has the collection of the Assignments.