Bloomz Assignments allow teachers to create or share activities to help better manage remote and hybrid learning. Activities can include instructions for students & parents, templates with options for drawing, annotating, audio and video recording, and image capture. 

  • Click the Media library icon located below your feed. Click icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the app to create a new activity from scratch.

  • Add an activity name (title), grade level, subject. Toggle ON/OFF the Share with Bloomz Community
NOTE: If you have a Bloomz for Schools subscription, your activity will automatically be added into the School/District Library.

  • In the same screen, you will also add Student Instructions. Add simple, clear directions for students. Use the mic icon to add Audio instructions (recommended) and an image using the Camera icon (recommended).

INSTRUCTOR TIP: Let students know which type of response you are wanting. Let them know to click either Photo, Drawing, Video, Upload, Link when submitting the assignment. As a best practice, ask students to click Drawing, as this will open up the original template you created with all options.

  • In the same screen, click Add Template For Student Responses. This is where the teacher can create an interactive assignment, with video, images, drag & drop, annotation, links, and students can respond similarly. 
  • To learn more about Creating Templates to include in the Activity, go to Adding & Creating Templates in an Activity.

INSTRUCTOR TIP: Learn more about creating templates: Adding Templates to Activities

  • Once your template is created, click Save in the top right-hand corner.
  • Click the ^ for More Options to add Teacher Notes and Parent Instructions if desired. Click Create when complete to save your created activity.

  • Click Done or you can choose to add it to a Collection.

NOTE: Activity created successfully! A pop-up message appears on the page. Navigate to My Library to find and assign the activity to a group of students.

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