Access code is not working

STEP 1 - (Creating a new account or Joining a new class in an existing account) If you see an error message saying "The code is invalid"  when you use the code to join the class or to create an account, then you will need to reach out to the admin and ask them for a valid code. 

STEP 2 - (Already signed into Bloomz and joining a new class) If you see an error saying "This code is tied to another email" then you are trying to join a class with a numeric code that is tied to another email of yours which is different from the email you are signed in with. To join the new class you will need an access code (alphanumeric code) or your teacher needs to invite your email (email using which you are signed in to the app) to the class. 

STEP 3 -  If you checked the STEP 1 and STEP 2 and still have issues, please write to and send them the code you are using to create an account or join the class. The support team is able to help you out with the next steps. In your email, please mention if you are trying to create an account or you already have an account and trying to join a class.