You can now schedule a post for the class. Create a Post and set a date and time for it to be sent to the recipients. Follow these steps - 

  • Navigate to your class
  • Click on +Create in the Class feed or Home (If on Desktop)
  • Click on the + icon on the bottom right corner of the Class Feed screen (If on the iPhone or Android app)
  • Choose Post
  • In the Post/Announcement at the bottom, Click the Schedule icon (A clock)
  • Schedule For a field with the date and time picker will be seen.
  • Select a future Date and Time
  • Enter text in the title and body of the post/announcement, if needed attach files or pictures 
  • Click Schedule on the top right corner
  • A pop up message saying "Scheduled Successfully" will be seen

Note: The scheduled post will be saved as a draft and will be delivered in the future date and time that you specify. You can view the scheduled posts by clicking on the 1 Scheduled link that you see in the Class feed or the Home. 

On Desktop:

On App: