If you don't want parents to comment on the Posts/Announcements/Alerts that you post to the class or to a group of parents, please follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to your class
  • Click on Create in the Home feed  (If on Desktop)
  • Click on the + icon on the bottom right corner of the Class Feed screen (If on iPhone/Android App)
  • Click Post/Announcements/Alerts
  • Select the names from the subgroup/members in the To field
  • In the Post/Announcements/Alerts at the bottom, Select Comments icon 
  • Recipients will not be able to comment on this post message will be seen and the No comments icon turns red. 
  • Enter the text in the title and body of the Post/Announcement/Alerts
  • Click Post on the top right corner.

Note: The post made with No comments turned on will be seen by the recipients of the Post but they not be able to comment on it.  They can still click on "private reply" to send a private message to you. Follow the same steps to turn off comments on the Announcements/Alerts.