To open up the main menu, simply click on the Bloomz logo at the top left of your screen.


In the Main menu, you will find at the top buttons to invite others to use Bloomz, Settings, and Support.  The Home button will take you to your main screen where you can see your feed of content.

Underneath Home, you will find all your Communities (e.g. schools you belong to), Classes and Groups.  You can always add more by clicking on "+ Add..." in each of these.  Think about this as 'filters' for your home feed, as they will show you the content posted by people only in those Communities, Classes or Groups.



At the bottom of your screen, you will see the main navigation, with buttons to your Home, Calendar, Messages, Volunteer requests and Contacts:


Clicking on Home allows you to see recent posts from all the Communities, Classes and Groups you belong to, and also allows you to post new updates. 

Likewise, My Calendar shows you all events for all the Communities, Classes and Groups you belong to, as well as to schedule events of your own.

Messages are text conversations you can have with one or more of your connections.

Volunteers are all the pending volunteer requests from the Communities, Classes and Groups you belong to.

In My Contacts you will find all the people you have connected with, personally or through the groups you belong to.

By pressing the + icon on the bottom, a list of tools will be displayed. They are : 

  • Post 
  • Announcement
  • Message Class
  • Alert 
  • Event 
  • Volunteer Help
  • Parent Teacher Conference
  • People/ group