You can share any upcoming events like field trips or talent shows at school, so parents can have immediate access to all the upcoming events. When you are adding a bunch of events to your class calendar at the beginning of the school year, please choose Don't Notify Parents, otherwise, a notification will be sent to the parents for every event you add to the class. 


  1. Tap on the Menu Icon at the top left corner
  2. The left navigation tray opens up
  3. Click on the name of the class name 
  4. Click on the Calendar icon
  5. Click +Event 
  6. Click Event
  7. Fill up the details: event title, start date and time, end date, and time. 
  8. Set the Reminder
  9. Do not click on Invite or RSVP fields 
  10. Click on Save
  11. Click Notify All Members or Don't Notify Members.

PS: If you choose to Notify All Members it will send a notification to all the parents saying that the event has been added. If you choose Don't Notify Members, the event will be added to the calendar but the parents wont get notified.